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  1. Please tell us there’s a short story collection in the works. You know we deserve it. So far I have tracked down Simulation Six and Peaches For Mad Molly, plus Shade and Bugs In the Arroyo from

  2. Hi,
    I’ve just finished Griffin’s Story. I did not like it as much as i liked Jumper and Reflex. You really could have answered the question why the Paladins were hunting Griffin 😉 afterwards now there is a feeling of dissatisfaction.
    I am from Austria and it’s really a big shame that your books have never been translated into German so far. But I don’t mind reading them anyway. Well, I don’t understand everything, but there is a dictionary, isn’t it.
    I’m really looking forward to Impulse!
    And how ironic… the movie Jumper is on TV tomorrow.

  3. Ahh I forgot to mention the fact that I found that picture of your daughter as Caroline from Portal (No clue where I found it, somewhere while I was researching information on all the Jumper books).
    I’m a huge fan of the Portal series, and I just wanted to say that I love knowing you, or your family is also into it 🙂

  4. I could have sworn I left a message here before, but I guess I never did.

    Anyways I wanted to say that since the movie for Jumper came out and introduced me to the “jumper world” I was a fan from the get go.
    My cousin hated the movie and convinced me the books were far better.
    Due to my cousin convincing me of this (and it’s due to him that I’ve gotten into a lot of other series) I picked up the first Jumper book.
    Was a huge fan, I immediately bought Reflex and Jumper a Griffins story. I also gave away my copy of the movie Jumper because I couldn’t enjoy it anymore. (no offense intended, but I do believe hollywood changed far more than they should have from the books, but I suppose they need their action).

    Anyways, I’m really looking forward to Impulse, and I suppose I’ll have to return here once in awhile to read up on some updates. Thanks Steven 🙂

  5. Hi.
    Finished reading Jumper a little while ago and almost finished Reflex. Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed them both. Far superior to the movie version – a shame that more of Davy’s character couldn’t have survived into the screenplay.

  6. Hi, I love all of your books. I was wondering if you’re going to write a sequel to Wildside? That would be AWESOME

  7. So glad. I caught the little homage to Heinlein in 7th Sigma, although I don’t know if you meant it to be so. Dr. Anson? Heh. Heinlein’s middle name. Podkayne of Mars is smiling.

  8. Thanks. Impulse is definitely in the book’s canon, not the movies. There are no Paladins. There are very few jumpers.

    Glad you liked 7th SIGMA. That place where it’s enjoyable by adults and teens is my goal, like the Heinlein YA’s I grew up on.


  9. Hi Steve:
    I’ve been enjoying your work for many years – I read the original version of “Jumper” shortly after you published it. I read above that you’re working on a sequel to “Reflex”, which triggered my curiosity. I know that the movie version of “Jumper” differs quite a bit from the original, and that you wrote the novelizations. “Reflex” obviously follows the original storyline. Will “Impulse” stay with the original “Jumper” thread, or the movie version? I have to say I liked the original more, but since I like your stuff, either will do. Just finished “7th Sigma” – I understand why many reviewers consider it YA, but if so, it’s the best kind of YA, the kind where the age of the reader doesn’t really matter. I hope you enjoy the writing of it.

  10. Yea – Top of my list are Impulse, a Sequel to WildSide and hopefully more Jumper short stories between them all…pleeeese. Even if you charge for the short stories, nice way to raise cash or donate to charity..


  11. Steve,
    Anything in the works for a Wildside sequel? Would love to see it!

    Thanks for all the adventure!


  12. Looking forward to Impulse, Steve. I have enjoyed listening to Jumper, Reflex and I read Griffin’s Story. I’ve just started listening to audiobook of 7th Sigma. Thanks for making traffic and my work day bearable and I wish you continued success in writing.

  13. I believe there will be a sequel to 7th SIGMA, but my next book will be IMPULSE, the sequel to REFLEX.

  14. I much enjoyed the original Jumper, Helm and Wildside. I have looked for a number of years for another book from you. I’m glad to see that one coming out this year.
    One comment, I enjoyed the original Jumper far more than Griffin’s story. I think the reason was that your enemies were far more realistic, abusive drunken fathers and sexual predators on the road. These are far more believable enemies than a massive conspiracy. I assume the editors forced you to clean these out. I say stand firm. Children need to know what the real enemies in life are. Your book provided a good education. Keep up the good work.

  15. Hey, I’ve read all your books except Greenwar, and I loved every one of them. I enjoy the attention you give to the technical details, for example, the knowledge of sport aviation in Wildside. I also enjoy your well-rounded protagonists and the quick and easy readability of your writing style. I’ve read almost every one of your books cover to cover in only a couple nights, and I’m a guy who absolutely loathes reading. I’m really looking forward to reading 7th Sigma, and I’m very pleased to hear about the sequel to Reflex. Congrats and continued success with your writing.

  16. I agree that sequels in the original Jumper story line would be fantastic. Sequels to Blind Waves and Wildside would also be wonderful. A sequel merging the story lines of Jumper and Wildside would be great–Since teleportation is presented as a transdimensional process, how would teleportation to an alternate universe work?

  17. Mr. Gould, your works are an inspiration. I have read them several times. You develop great characters. Thanks

  18. Steve,

    I have to admit that I bought Jumper years ago based on seeing my name as the author. Every now and then I am asked if I am you. 🙂 I am honest and say “yes”, no just kidding. Anyway, when I read Jumper for the first time, oh so long ago, I stayed up all night to finish it and had to call in sick the next day. I have read all your books a number of times and my copy of Jumper is in need of replacement.

    I have not yet read “JUMPER: GRIFFIN’S STORY”. No stores around here sell it so I need to get one ordered. I am happy to read about a sequel to Reflex. I felt that story was not yet finished. I look forward to the twists and turns.

    Any comments on what “7th Sigma” might be about? I’ll keep my eye open for its release. You have great talent, keep it up!

  19. Woo Hoo! I was just started re-reading Jumper, and was wondering, “So, is he doing a sequel to Reflex any time soon?” Glad to see that you are, I’ll be waiting anxiously for it. The whole conspiracy angle was well set-up in Reflex…

  20. Sequel to Reflex!!! YES!!!

    Let me just say, sticking teleporters on a mission to Mars or something would be awesome. Now *there* would be some possibilities. 😉

  21. W00t w00t. So glad that you are writing a sequel to Reflex. I’m even more thrilled if Matt is right in saying that it WON’T follow the movie version of things. I like the idea that Griffin presents but not the way it was bent to fit a movie.

    I hope it’s coming soon. I’ve chewing on cud, like the Halo tie-in series, while waiting. PLEASE HURRY!

  22. Steve,
    Glad to read that you’re writing a sequel to Jumper and Reflex, even glad to read it will not involve the movieverse of Jumper, although the movie did turn me on to your book I found your book with much more depth than the movie. Can’t wait for the next adventure of David!

  23. Dern it, Mr Gould, when are you coming out with new books?

    Jumper, Wildside, Reflex, Grifin’s Story all are books I can’t put down even after having read them many times. Jumper I bought from the sf book club over 15 years ago. My sister and I get excited every time we see news about a new Gould book.

    I’d love to read a sequel to Griffin’s Story, or something new with the same style of these books. There aren’t that many authors that can write that well in first person and keep the action going as you do.

    I just hope you don’t merge the Jumper/Reflex books with Griffin’s Story too much. I like both but consider them to be different universes due to the incompatibilities. Davie/Millie hiding and running from the Paladins would seem to me to be losing opportunities for different directions for them. Dealing with the secret organization they discovered already seems to be enough of a threat. I hope you don’t decide to throw paladins at them too.

    On the other hand, I can see Davie and Millie teaming up to ferret out the head paladin, along with the cia, and revealing them to the world.

    Griffin seems to be more about revenge and what Davie decided not to become. Although Griffin is young yet, it doesn’t seem like the paladins will give him a chance to make a choice.

    Whatever you do, please don’t write a book sequel based on the movie’s script.

  24. Personally, I would like to see a sequel to Wildside, or at least ask Mr. Gould to sponsor a fan fic version which could get published 🙂

  25. Theresa…glad you found Jumper. I’d suggest reading
    Wildside next .. it ties with Jumper for being one of my
    favorite books by Steve (and, indeed, one of my
    all time favorites).

  26. I am an author of several historical non-fiction books and work as a beta reader for several authors, one of whom is a consistent NY Times best seller. I get to read maybe 4 fiction books a year for fun, and I have to say that I truly loved “Jumper.” I loved it so much that I immediately went and purchased the other two books in the series before I finished reading the first. You have no idea what it means to me to be able to read a book, let alone a series of books, where the writing only gets better, the characters remain consistent, their actions are logical, and I make the time to read them. THANK YOU.

  27. Hey Dain – Look up Tor’s site. (Tor is the publishing company that put out “Jumper” and “Reflex.” Not only is Reflex set to audio (quuuuality voice-acting,) but Mr. Gould has published a short story there, titled “Shade.”

  28. Dude, I love your stories, they rock. I just finished reading reflex (like two seconds ago) and I can’t wait for the next one, hoping to be able to see something about griffin, davey and millie interacting with that organizations that’s against “Jumpers”, or is that just for the movie, anyways your stories are really impressive, love the way how you put an “ordinary” person in such situations.

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