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  1. Re: Rick C
    Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. The kind of book you can open it to a random page & kinda get instantly sucked in.

  2. Y’know, for about ten years now ‘Jumper’ has been my go-to book, the dog-eared copy that I keep in my dresser next to the bed. The one where if I can’t sleep but have nothing else to read, I grab and start in on some of my favorite chapters. And that’s the best testament I know to give to any book, that it’s the old friend you turn to before all others.

  3. Well I’m currently re-reading Jumper and Reflex for the (infinite + 1) time. In fact a couple of pages are trying to seek their freedom from the confines of the book. Some couples are hard to let go. I really enjoy reading about David and Millie’s relationship, oh and the teleportation is fun too. :p Everytime I read the series I come here hoping to hear about a sequel. I’m glad to hear one is on the way. Is it called Impulse? It’s about ‘cent, David and Millie’s daughter. Of course questions abound, like how do you protect a little child that can be anywhere. But the most important is when does it come out? Thanks for keeping the series going. It’s one of my favorites.

  4. Just reread the whole series for probably the 6th time. Can’t wait for the sequel. Keep ’em coming, please.

  5. I love your books trying to get JUMPER and REFLEX on audiobook or Mp3 and i can not find it anywhere help would be appreciated.

  6. I literally just finished this book five minutes ago. I loved it just as much as Jumper. Please write a sequel. Without spoiling anything, I’m really interested in seeing where Davy and Millie’s lives go.

  7. I read the book jumper and loved it as well as the movie, I would love to read the sequel REFLEX but i cant seem to find it anywhere

  8. Loved the storyline and characters in Reflex. Hope that we see more of Davie and Millie. And Miss Pope…whoa…

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