Posts For Maureen: Food Post #1 — Goose

I made a Turkey for the big family Thanksgiving Dinner but I also made a:


Now, as Maureen will tell you, Goose is different.  It, among other things, is all dark meat, and it is kind of greasy.  During the first phase of cooking, you are trying to get the goose to give up some of that very grease, so, before you stuff the cavity you heat it for about forty-five minutes and get the first drain.  Like this:

The stuff in the very bottom are water-based meat juices but the rest of all that is pure schmaltz which sells for about the same amount really good steak does per pound.  There are lots of great things to do with goose fat, but to my mind, the best one is Maureen’s Roast Potatoes as seen previously here at Eat Our Brains.

So brace yourself.  Two hours after producing the above fat I go into the kitchen to drain more fat from the bottom of the roasting pan.  I look for the above bowl of goose fat.

I do not find it.

I look in the refrigerator.

I do not find it.

I look in the dishwasher.  Oh.  I find the bowl.


Clean and empty.

Clean and completely empty of my pure, priceless goose fat.

Which my daughter poured down the sink.

Well, at least the sinks didn’t clog up.

There was some goose fat rendered from the subsequent cooking and we have, in fact, on Laura’s Birthday (Monday) made the most scrumptious roast potatoes with that, but that was probably a good cup and a half of goose fat down the drain.

I will not deny my voice was raised.  I will not deny that tears were shed.

Oh, well, later in the week there was soup.

Goose soup.


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  1. Brined duck; steamed for 45 mins and then seared-roasted in a iron skillet. Simply magnific. I realized after the fact I should have held back and reduced the duck dripping in the steamer. Sigh. Lost opportunity. Wasn’t as rich or challenging as your goose but you’ve inspired me to go all the way next yr.
    Oh, and made a side of vegetarian biryani wild rice, so why hold back on the Indian? You probably got your know-how living overseas, but I’ve learned tons about Indian food prep from this guy:

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