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Clarion Call of Trumpets


Clarion 2007 is shaping up to be one of the best Clarions ever — our first on the beautiful oceanside campus at University of California San Diego, and featuring a powerhouse slate of instructors including Gregory Frost, Jeff VanderMeer, Karen Joy Fowler, Cory Doctorow, Ellen Kushner, and Delia Sherman. Plus we’re pleased to announce that Jeff VanderMeer’s wife, well-known editor Ann Kennedy, will accompany him to the workshop.

If you haven’t already attended a Clarion workshop, here’s your chance. Pull out your two best stories, grab the red pen, and give ’em a final polish. Submission stories should be between 2500 and 6000 words in length. Thanks to the generosity of everyone who has contributed to Clarion through regular donations, Clarion Circle memberships, and Virtual Clarion particiipation, we are able to offer many scholarships for those who need financial assistance, so please don’t let cost keep you from applying.

Full details are available at http://clarion.ucsd.edu/apply.html. Applications will be accepted until April 1, 2006.

7 thoughts on “Put the Word Out

  1. I’d personally love to do a workshop with any of those guys except of course Pluto Hater Jeff VanderMeer. (Okay, I’d probably like that too, but haven’t met him yet.) All the others I’ve spent fair amounts of time with and Greg and I could practice Aikido together, something that I’ve been wanting to do.

    I will probably do a post later about Viable Paradise, a different workshop that is also accepting applications now and at which Maureen has also taught.

    Briefly, it is only a week long (for those who can’t take six weeks out of their life) and novels are more the norm (though it is definitely open to short fiction as well.) It is held on Martha’s Vineyard around the end of September/beginning of October. This year it’s 9/30-10/5. Instructors and other info here.

  2. I always wanted to go to Clarion. Guess it’s too late now…

    I remember being young and fannish and reading all about it in various zines, back when Damon Knight and Kate Wilhelm ran it. Seemed like doing Clarion was the big signal that you were damn serious about writing pro science ficiton. Probably still is.

    I also remember reading that a lot of attendees felt that the networking and upgrade in their skills level was wonderful, but that its prolonged intensity and the high expectations it generated, tended to burn them or block them up as writers for awhile.

  3. There are definitely some who reacted that way. Cory Doctorow talks about being blocked for five years after his Clarion. He eventually started up after again after hypnotherapy. On the bright side, he also used his hypnotherapy to quit smoking. “He says he got root on his brain so it was good.”

  4. Jeff VanderMeer sent me an email wondering what the hell I was talking about when I called him a Pluto Hater.

    He was much more polite about it, actually, than that.

    I confused him with Scott Westerfeld (another fine writer I’ve never met) who had a famous dust-up with John Scalzi last year over the demotion of Pluto.

    It cumulated in the eating of Scott in effigy by Cthulhu.

    I apologized. Hopefully I won’t be eaten by Cthulhu.

  5. Ooh! I’ve been on a Scott Westerfeld kick lately! He rocks! I found ‘Peeps’ at a Salvation Army store that Rach and I went to, for less than $3. Then read the ‘Midnighters’ series. Am now reading ‘Uglies’. He’s written some adult sky-fi, too, but his YA stuff so far is just my speed.

    And a big wave to Jeff VanderMeer, who’s a really nice guy that I met at the Worst Turkey City Ever Ever Ever, last September.

  6. Steven:
    No need to apologize! I just didn’t understand the reference. I would proudly have been a Pluto hater should it have been required of me! 😉
    Rory–yeah, it was pretty heinous. Sometimes that just happens, though

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