…and Some More Reviews.

From Brian over at Goodreads:

Fans of Jumper will love this book!!

I should not have started a Gould book at 11:30 at night. I finished right around 4:30am. I love the Jumper series. As a bookseller getting Fantasy people to try SF, I would give them Ender’s Game followed by Jumper. Impulse is a wonderful continuation of the Jumper & Reflex storyline. Just to follow the characters 15 years later and get to see back into their lives, and what they have done with their abilities, and how they try to raise a child on the run.

Sci Fi Guy
Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Publishers Weekly:

 Fans of the series will enjoy meeting the next generation, but other readers may just feel lost.

And I counter with another Goodreads Review:

I admit that my prior knowledge of this world consisted of having seeing the movie “Jumper” a few times. As such, I enjoyed this book. A lot. A great read that I finished in a hurry because it became a real page-turner.