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Over at BoingBoing, Rob Beschizza reviews an iPad stand that costs $ 130.   He notes that a business card holder would do the same job for $1 though it’s a bit crappy.  He also notes that this really expensive stand won’t let you charge the ipad while you’re using it but he’s wrong.  Simply invert the puppy or use it in landscape mode.  But, that doesn’t look as good with the cord sticking up in the air.

Here’s my solution–cost Zero.

This is two pieces of cardboard with a tape hinge.  It folds completely flat and I put it in the same neoprene case I use for my iPad.

Unfold and stand.

It works in Portrait and Landscape orientations.

And you can charge while using it, too.


Rocket Plane Fighter!

Mark X ZOMG Blaster!  Pew! Pew! Pew!

8 thoughts on “iPad Accessories

  1. Sorry for the double post, but:

    My ideas would possibly work, but for the charging you’d have you drill a hole in the back.

    The “Steven Goulds Special 3 in 1 (Stand, Plane, Gun) iPad Stand” already looks like an art stand. Heh, maybe you should sell those as 3rdParty Acessories and have like 1 or autographed versions. I don’t own an iPad, but I would definately try to get my hands on the autographed version.

  2. Ok, that works out.
    I wonder if that would work on an “art stand”, one that is small enough for that. Of course, if you did that you would need to put some cloth or something at the support area so the bottom would not scratch.

    Do they make picture frames that big (with a stand)? Maybe you could get a very wide one that would hold the iPad, remove the glass, and stick the iPad in there.

    I think these are worth a shot :).

    I might get one in 4 years when the price goes down.

  3. Neat!

    It’s a lazy request but…post a printable template? It looks like you (literally) have the angles figured out.

  4. Matt, I used very stiff cardboard and the tape edging increases the stiffness even more. However, my first prototype used cardboard that was folded at the hinge line with glued stiffeners. It’s much sturdier but, alas, doesn’t fold flat for transport.

  5. Are iPads the kind of thing that if you drop a few feet they stop working?

    If thats so, I recommend creating duplicates of the cradboard and glue the doubles together.

  6. In response to your comment about hairbrushes? Simply be grateful, sir, that you still have hair!

  7. Looking at these pictures I realize it’s a real pity that it won’t also function as a hairbrush.

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