More on the New York Event: The Harmonica Convergence

So, the New York City Union Square Barnes & Noble event on Thursday Oct 9th, 7pm, is coming together:

Join Us for a Special Super Week Evening of Storytelling
Ilona Andrews, F. Paul Wilson, David Wellington, Steven Gould.

So, those of you who were wondering if it was just me, I’m afraid not. This may seriously cut into my harmonica playing but I will bring one anyway.

Ilona Andrews (aka Ilona and Andrew Gordon) is the author of several bestselling urban fantasy series including Magic Rises. F. Paul Wilson writes horror, SF, and medical thrillers. Do follow the link as he has written far too many books to list here but I got chills in college reading The Keep. David Wellington is the author of numerous contemporary horror novels including my favorite title ever, Zombie Island.

We’re going to do this thing. This round-robin thing involving audience ideas. It may spectacularly fail but I can pretty much guarantee that it will be entertaining.

Cause…there’s always the harmonica.