An Interview With Moi

‘Impulse’ Control: An interview with Steven Gould

With “Impulse,” the third book in Steven Gould’s popular “Jumper” series, he takes us back to school as teleporters Davy and Millie’s daughter Cent discovers that a) she can teleport herself and b) it’s about time to escape her parents’ paranoid over-protectiveness and finally meet people. Of course, it’s only paranoia if they’re not really out to get you… (Read the review here)

I talked to Steven Gould about “Impulse,” the “Jumper” world, and coming-of-age novels.

(C.A. Bridges GO386)

One thought on “An Interview With Moi

  1. Hi Steve,

    The Email on the website doesn’t work, so I’ll post here.

    I had an “Impulse” to buy a book, so I bought a book called “Impulse” – part of my “help a starving artist” program.

    Enjoyed the book – nice job! Looking for more from you and Laura ( I enjoy hers just as much.)

    Good luck on the SFWA election – and how on earth can you be almost 58?????

    Doing OK here in retirement. Still busy.


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