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  1. Just read Jumper: Griffin’s Story. I found it to be another solid story from you. It was a little edgier than some of your other work and just as intriguing and satisfying.

    I had to make some adjustments and completely separate Jumperverse II from the original Jumperverse. Treating them as separate unlinked entities was the only way for me to accept it. I imagine I’ll have to treat the movie as Jumperverse III.

  2. Jumperverse–wow! Thanks for the term! I’d probably call it the book Jumperverse as opposed to the movie Jumperverse. I think Griffin’s story works pretty good with the movie. The studio was reading along as it was written.

  3. Now you just have to get them to do Wildside. I’ve always thought it and Jumper to be your most captivating stories. (Although as an avid rock climber and with 30 yrs of judo under my belt, Helm was pretty interesting for me, too.)

    Wildside has lots to appeal to the money guys to make into a movie. The subject has just enough eco-stuff to let the movie guys do a little more of the popular entertainment based political preaching they like so much. The story has super opportunities for big special effects that would be a big draw. The studio would surely spike up the sexy quotient. That along with the action from the story would be more than enough to bring in the testosterone laden. Plus, with the relationship story line, the estrogen team would have something to watch.

  4. After seeing the trailer a few weeks back, I picked up Jumper, Reflex and Jumper: Griffin’s Story and quickly devoured all three. The trailer was smart and exciting and I found the books to be the same. I don’t know if the movie will be able to live up to the expectations set by the high quality of the books — or the trailer — but I’m hoping that it will. I also wouldn’t mind seeing more books set in the new “Jumperverse.”

    Anyway, thanks for writing the books — they were great!

  5. I’m currently half way through Jumper – WOW! This book is amazing because it’s so completely unlike so many other books. David’s ability creates this non-linear story where there is this incredible freedom and new roads to explore! And I’m personally trying to finish my first story (and I respect writers so much more now!) and I feel reading Jumper is in a sense teaching me how to write better.

    Thanks Steven! I can’t wait to finish the book and then read your other ones!

  6. Just heard about this movie from the trailer on TV (here in Asia) a few days ago and went nuts over it. Just bought and finished “Griffin’s Story”. I have to ask, Mr. Gould, did you create Griffin, or did the concept come with the movie and you fleshed him out? Pending his fate in the movie, he seems to be the basis for a new protagonist (hero? antihero?) of this “Jumperverse” outside of Davy.

  7. Jay,

    Griffin, the character, was created in the first screenplay written for the movie (by Dave Goyer) and fleshed out further by Jim Uhls and Simon Kinberg, but, other than the fact that his parents were killed when he was young, I invented his history leading up to the end of Griffin’s Story.

  8. Thanks Mr. Gould. I find this process fascinating — you wrote a book, a studio bought it for the screen, they get a screenplay written, and then they go back to you, the original author, for the new book. It’s such a twist from the usual trajectory of book-to-film.

  9. Mr. Gould,

    I was curious, why did you allow the film’s plot to stray so far from the story in the book? Jumper was one of my favorite books when I was growing up and when I heard it was being made into a movie I was ecstatic. I thought “Hey, here’s something that could be thought-provoking as well as entertaining”.

    When I actually saw it, though, I was rather let down. In all honesty, as much as I wanted to like it – for the books sake if nothing else, I couldn’t. What was unique and different about the book was completely lost when it became just another flashy movie that are churned out en masse for the 14-18 year old movie-going demographic. I do plan to read Reflex tomorrow, though, and am looking forward to that.

  10. Mr. Gould,
    I am an avid reader, and I love your books. I loved Wildside, and the Jumper series. I have to say that I was mildly dissapointed with the film, however after reading the books this is more often the case. However I have a question, will the story continue? I would love to see the Jumper series continue, or even a second Wildside. Thanks for the great work.

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