Black Symphony


My apologies for missing my post yesterday — I spent a great weekend in Austin, hanging out with my Wild-Ass NeoPagan Tribe(TM) at the ScotchtoberFest party and seeing Zombieland with She Who Is Awesome and her thrall, Jesse. Then I rode back to CS in a cold, wet miserable drizzle. I’d neglected to bring my foul-weather gear with me because said there was a 10% chance of rain this weekend. I felt like a drowned kitten by the time I slithered off the bike. can go screw themselves.


Anyhow — I’ve always been a total sucker for orchestral rock. Except for prog-rock, which generally sucks. Saw the Moody Blues live three or four times, and the Metallica thing with the London Symphony Orchestra is also a fav.

Symphonic Goth Metal takes it to new level for me. Tonight we have Within Temptation’s magnum opus, Black Symphony, on the turntable. They got the Metropole Orchestra and a bunch of monks who’d given themselves over to the dark side to play with them one night.

They’re a Dutch band with a long and apparently happy history as a family. Sharon den Adel, their lead singer, has some amazing pipes on her. She’s also a major hottie. Unfortunately, she’s hooked up with her lead guitarist — as all chick singers do — and has even gone so far as to have a child with him in a futile effort to convince me to quit sending her those letters professing my undying adoration.

I had a difficult time deciding which cut from the album to present to you. They range from pretty-damn-metal to pretty-damn-symphonic. I have the album, and highly recommend it to you, especially the version that includes a DVD of the concert.

Click the pic at the top of this post for Jillian, which opens the album after the overture.  I encourage you to surf YouTube for other excellent songs from that night. The cut for Jane Doe isn’t on the US version of the album, and it was the one that got me into them to start with.  It does rock harder than Jillian. The big Frankensteiny guitarist who chases her across the stage in this vid is her main squeeze. I just don’t know what she sees in him.

You can also hit their site. It leads with Utopia, a ballady new song that isn’t metal at all, but is kinda-sorta heart-breaking. It’s a pre-sale song for their upcoming An Acoustic Night at the Theatre. It’s got an orchestra in it, so I’ll have get it, too.


7 thoughts on “Black Symphony

  1. My name is Sean, and I…

    Oh, god.

    I… like prog rock.

    Yeah, the Moody Blues sound the way the flu feels, but early Genesis? Gentle Giant? Peter Gabriel’s first four albums?

    Oh, man. I’ve even taken pleasure in the swollen, flatulent tunes of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. I disgust me.

    Of course, we all know that I suffer from what is clinically described as ‘depraved tastes.’

    Time to wash my ears out with some Big Black or Lard.

    By the way, dude. Way to post!

  2. Ahh…. You think you know people. You think that they’re decent folks with normal urges and needs.

    Then you find that they have these dark, awful secrets. And they blurt them out sometimes because the shame is too much to contain forever.

    I avert my eyes from you both.

  3. Okay, I’ve got my sackcloth and ashes, a gauze mask to prevent the spread of my disease, and a sign that says, “Used To Listen To A Lot Of Prog Rock In The 80’s.”

    But I’m wondering. Should I ring the traditional bell to warn people of my presence, or would it be okay for me to use a portable stereo to play the piano break from Firth of Fifth?

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