Life, I tell you! Extraterrestrial…. liiiiiiife!


So, here is a quickie, to get warmed up and breathe a little life back into my own posting habits.

Science News reports that some very clever people have come up with a laser technique for detecting microbial activity. We can not only use it to, say, detect Martian life from orbit, but even use it to detect life on worlds orbiting other suns! Even better, it uses very inexpensive, off-the-shelf equipment. Which means maybe even some enterprising amateurs could conceivably be the first people to discover extraterrestrial life.

How cool is that?

6 thoughts on “Life, I tell you! Extraterrestrial…. liiiiiiife!

  1. Hmmm. I’m just a bit confused here. Is this usable from the ground, or do you have to get the equipment out of the atmosphere?

    If the latter, those are some impressive amateurs…

    That said, I’ve got a suspicion that it’s just a matter of time before dedicated hobbyists start making serious contributions to space science. Now that I think of it, some astronomers already have, haven’t they?

  2. Yay, Morgan! Keep up the posting!

    I muchly like that this gives me an excuse to acquire for my own personal use a powerful laser with a highly accurate targeting system.

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