Nothing Else Better To Do


Okay, it’s been completely dead in here for far too long.

I’ve been a near-total hermit since sometime late last year. I blame Obama. But I’m hereby officially re-committing to posting some postings at least once a week. I already have a couple in my head. They may not all be the casual masterpieces that you’ve grown accustomed to seeing from me. But they’ll be something.

I’m kicking off with a new song that I’ve largely finished mixing this morning.

It’s probably the most highly-produced song I’ve done yet, with all sorts of layers and panning and automation envelopes and synths and on and on about stuff you don’t care about.

And, Ghod help me, I smashed it all to hell with compressors and limiters. It just seemed like the kind of tune that called for that. Another sad victim of the Loudness Wars. I left a few transients in there somewhere. Maybe.

I like to think that this one is in the finest tradition of EatOurBrains.

I hope that it’s an easy listen for you.

…Uh… You should play it loud….


Nothing Else Better to Do


EDIT on 10-04-09: I’ve just loaded a slight remix of the song, for increased clarity. I brought the vocals forward so that they’re more intelligible, increased the strings’ level for ear candy, and got rid of some mud in the bottom end. I don’t know about you guys, but I usually don’t enjoy having mud in my bottom end.

Hugs to all of you


9 thoughts on “Nothing Else Better To Do

  1. Well, I wasn’t expecting this. Man, that is some wiggy stuff there — it’s like Kraftwerk backing Leonard Cohen. Not bad at all, dude. Not bad at all. I’ll back Richard up concerning your vocals.

    And let’s face it. If you’re putting out an MP3, you gotta compress. And given the nuevo wavo sound you’ve got here, it works.

    Now that you mention it, there’s something debilitating about a president that one cannot hate in a forthright and complete fashion…

  2. Thanks for not hating the voice, guys. I’ve always wanted to be able to belt it out, but I think I’m finally coming to terms with (you nailed it, Sean…) having Leonard-Cohen-voice.

    I am kinda proud in that the vocals are a single take and I didn’t pitch-tune them at all with Melodyne.

    And I really am gonna commit to making regular posts here again. I’ve been essentially inert for almost a year — not replying to emails, not hanging out with people in real life nearly as much as I should, and so on.

    My apologies to those who might have felt slighted — I was that way with just about everybody. I owe Sean about four emails, for instance.

    Lots of reasons for it, some of them not even unfortunate ones. But I’m ready to move on to the next phase.

  3. Oh, excellent song!

    And I too, will recommit to writing something. Thank God it’s Wednesday now, and I don’t have to do anything useful for six days…

  4. Thanks, guys! This one just erupted out over the space of 10 days, from a seed idea to finish.

    Mad and Morgan — Yay! Let’s put some energy back into this thing. It’s a blast when we’re going at it. I don’t know in detail about all you guys, but it’s been a tough year. I’m ready for some more fun.

    Steve — I haven’t seen Zombieland yet. Gonna see it with She Who Is Awesome and Jesse next weekend when I road-trip up to Austin. Looking forward to it a lot.

    In case y’all haven’t clicked the link in the pic at the top of this post, that’s conceptual art for World War Z. If the movie has even ten minutes that look that cool, I’ll consider it money well spent.

    I’m delighted that you liked the solo. It’s a first take, completely unedited, like the vocals. as a matter of fact, both rhythm guitars, crunchy and clean, are also single takes. I tweaked the drum track and labored over the rather simple MIDI string section, though…

    Also, I’ve done a rebalancing of elements in the song, after having a chance to listen to it on half a dozen other sound systems at work. I think it’s a lot clearer now, though a casual listener might not notice all that much difference. I’ll try to post it tomorrow evening.

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