Time for a Vacation

All right.  I’ve been a bad Madeleine, absent for yea, this long time.  But I’m still here.  I’m checkin’ in, right?  And look!  I brought you something.  ::rummages around for embed code.::  See?   

Feel better now? Of course not. You have cholera!

7 thoughts on “Time for a Vacation

  1. My book comes out next year, so this summer I plan to launch my author website, with portions of the book and posts on stuff that interests me. I figured I could do some cross posting and stuff here, too.

  2. Hmmm…have my fellow zombies consumed all the brains here? There has to be a scrap or two left somewhere. Must have brains.

  3. Yeah. It’s been really , uh, dead in here for far too long. I’ve ben buried at work all year so far, and have also had some other stuff going on that I’m going to write about here soon.

    I’d love it if everyone elsehere would also climb back in the saddle. All good friends and good writers.

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