12 thoughts on “Fear My Cuteness

  1. I don’t know… Looks to me like all that cuteness hides a criminal mastermind planning her stratagem for global domination.

  2. While there is the occasional wrinkled snout snarl from Tasha or the half-bark to put the puppy in her place there has also actually been some inter-dog romping in the back yard.

    It is working.

  3. Very cool. As I sort of noted in my “Danger, Love, and Sex” post two years ago (ack!), dogs are pretty good at working out their dominance issues . . . and once they do, they’ll have absolute pack loyalty to each other. (They’re actually a whole lot better at that stuff than we naked apes are.)

    Loa really is deadly cute, by the way. I might swipe her.

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