Dog Without End

My first dog was Fiorello LaGuardia Robins of blessed memory.  My father had a swell, deeply neurotic German Shorthaired Pointer named Nellie (as in “Wait Till The Sun Shines”).  We currently rejoice in the company of Emily the leaping hound.  I love, or have loved, all three.  But I wouldn’t want to clone them.

What I find fascinating is the human story (of course).  Lou Hawthorne, whose company cloned his mother’s dogs (after his stepfather invested heavily in the procedure) is awed by how similar MissyToo and Mira are to Missy, the dog from which they were cloned.  He owns Mira, about whom he waxes rhapsodic.  But Hawthorne’s mother, to whom he gave the other cloned dog, MissyToo, doesn’t like the new dog at all, and sent it off, like an unloved Victorian orphan, to live with “handlers.”  She had already adopted a puppy after Missy died, and says “I already have a dog — a real dog.”  Evidently she doesn’t understand the Velveteen Rabbit theory that one becomes real only by being loved into it.

Poor MissyToo.

4 thoughts on “Dog Without End

  1. *blink*

    If the dog’s insides were made out of wire and styrofoam, then I could understand the “not a real dog” comment…otherwise. Nope.

    (Flesh. Blood. Barks. Bites mailmen.) = Dog.

    And I would more than happily pay to have my first dog cloned. Best dog ever. I miss her much.

    (I would also uplift my dog(s) once the Singularity arrives!)

  2. I feel really badly about Missy Two. Dogs need someone who loves and wishes to be their pack leader.

    The person who initiated the whole thing is a stupid git because there are so many unwanted but perfectly sweet, nice house pets in shelters. The money would have gone way farther to support no-kill shelters/foster homes/etc.

    Sometimes I just want to smack someone and go ‘get a farking grip and figure out the right thing to do.”

  3. My favorite cat just died, but I wouldn’t want to clone him to replace him. With a cloned cat, every difference between him and the original would be painful. While with other cats, I can just let them be themselves, and not grieve every time I look at them.

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