As If You Needed Another Reason

I got this in an email.  Pretty certain the gas prices are photoshopped in, but also pretty certain that they’re accurate.  I’ll be back tomorrow with my traditional Election Day exhortation to vote or else, but in the meantime–go fill the tank, why don’tcha.

I must also add that my Father designed that Arco logo sometime in the sixties.  Nice to see it’s still in use.

3 thoughts on “As If You Needed Another Reason

  1. Looking at the relative youth of Clinton and Gore in the first picture, I don’t think that’s less than a dozen years ago–maybe more.

    I’ve said for years that we were underpaying for gas in this country, and driving accordingly. But having gas go up three times its initial price–without there being a deliberate, stated policy to raise gas prices in order to, say, help reduce consumption–is a bit, um, much.

  2. Oil prices, I suspect, won’t care who is elected. Unless he starts another war, of course. By the way, gas prices in Seattle are running about $2.60 a gallon, though it fluctuates a lot, from one block to the next.

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