Liquid Art

I’m finishing the denouement of my book and expect to be done tomorrow. What a long, hard trip it’s been.

Meanwhile, something delectable for your enjoyment — sent to me by our own LDA. Ferrous sculptures, created by Japanese artist Sachiko Kodama:

Here is more on the artist and her work.

4 thoughts on “Liquid Art

  1. That’s really really cool! I’m very impressed by this! Plus, they all remind me of daleks, so how could I not like this artwork!

  2. Daleks! I like. I hadn’t thought of that. What I like is that there is a pleasing and beautiful squickiness about all that dark oily goo, crawling up a structure and then getting all hard and spiky…then turning to goo and dripping down again. It is very meditative.

  3. Similar to the youthful thrill of watching iron filings dancing in a magnetic field, except in oozy 3D-ness.

  4. Indeed. My 11 y.o. nephew spent hours doing the magnets and iron filings thing the other day. What really jazzed him was the idea that the iron may be space dust from micrometeorites. (My God did it make an unholy mess.) Brought back great memories.

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