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Disillusionment No. 18,612

May 16th, 2008 by Bradley Denton

Blackburn (2007 edition) 

From Publishers Weekly online, May 12, 2008 (“Picador Works the Trade“): 

One way the imprint is getting sales reps excited about older titles is through an initiative called “The Best Books You’ve Never Read.” The idea, Farrell said, grew out of a conversation with Augusten Burroughs. Burroughs, who is published by Picador, was talking with staffers at the house last year about some of the gems on the imprint’s backlist. He sang the praises of one title in particular, Blackburn by Bradley Denton. . . .  With that endorsement, Picador republished the book in April 2007, with a glowing cover quote from Burroughs, and the Best Books program was born. (Though Farrell said the title “wasn’t a blockbuster,” it sold well enough to entice Picador to continue the program.)



“wasn’t a blockbuster” ??

Dang.  My mother lied to me.


Posted in Brad, Education, Mom Is A Liar, Publishing | 4 Comments »

4 Responses

  1. Madeleine Robins Says:

    Mothers lie. It’s in the contract. “No, precious, the shot won’t hurt.” “No, it’s okay. I never liked Granma’s Ming vase; you can help me sweep up the shards.” “I love you both equally.”

    Did you send Augusten Burroughs a bread-and-butter thank you note?

  2. Bradley Denton Says:

    You bet I did. His support for Blackburn was incredibly generous.

  3. James Hollaman Says:

    I’m glad to see people reconise good stuff when they see it. Have always liked your work and i’m very fond of blackburn stuff, why else would i buy a $300 special edition of a book just for the blackburn story in it. (yeah, i got the fance edition of the lord of the razor anthology…) was dissapointed that they gave me one of the pieces of art with the book and it was not the picture for your story, thought that would have been cool…

  4. MorganJLocke Says:

    BLACKBURN is one of my all-time favorite, brilliant books. Yum!

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