Breaking News: Song of Fire & Ice Finished

From Locus:

Panic, hysteria, depression, and mass suicide struck the offices of Bantam Books today when New York Times bestselling author George R. R. Martin turned in a manuscript for the final book of his A Song of Fire and Ice series that came in at a concise 87 pages.

“As I sat down to write the book, I suddenly realized that I could tie everything up in a satisfying climax at novella length,” said Martin in a prepared statement. “Brevity being the soul of wit, I decided to do just that. I think all the fans of he series will be very pleased with the way it turned out.”

“The world is a black, hellish nightmare of unceasing despair and endless sorrow!” cried Martin’s editor Anne Groell, rending her garments as her editorial assistants stood wailing around her. “A stygian darkness descends, blotting out all life and hope! O Tempora! O Mores! My life work reduced to ashes before my eyes, leaving not but a voice and bitter weeping! Oh cruel fate! I die!” she declared, just before committing seppuku with a letter opener.

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2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Song of Fire & Ice Finished

  1. You know what sucks? When it’s April 6th, and even the memory of April 1st has more or less been erased in the haze of a splendid weekend, and one is catching up on one of one’s favorite blogs, and one sees the headline to this blog without really seeing the date, and one goes OH BOY!!!!!! …
    and then reads the text and understands that one has been retroactively hornswoggled via proxy. Maaaaaaaaaaaan.


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