Major Upgrade of the Jumper Movie Site


There’s been a massive upgrade of the official movie site for Jumper. It’s all flash, of course, so I can’t point to particular things, but there’s all the trailers, including the TV spots, and downloadable wallpaper and screen savers and aim icons and more. I’m hoping the music I’m hearing is from the actual movie (particularly the Rome page) because it’s pretty cool. Don’t leave until you’ve found the four location pages (New York, Rome, Tokyo, and Egypt.)

Down Dark Alleys

I am in the research phase for the new book, which is set in 11th-12th century Italy, a place and time of which I know very little. So the research is both wide and deep. And my brain being my brain, I have a tendency to follow small factoids down dark alleys and wake up in the morning with a headache and empty pockets. My muse is meanwhile sitting at the bar waiting for me, downing double shots of fortified wine and nibbling on sugared almonds. A few weeks ago I was stressing about forms of address among the medieval Italian working class: how would one artisan or tradesman address another not well known to him/her? They wouldn’t call one another signore or signorina, since those are remnants of a time when it was a term for someone higher up the social food chain. Likewise, I can’t use “madonna” because it means “my lady.” And what would children call adults they weren’t related to? Ser or Messer I could probably get away with, but those are both masculine terms and…

You see what my brain is like? This is why the Muse is in the bar, waiting for me. She’s very sweet when I get back from these academic outings, she says she understands I’m doing it for us, but…I feel bad about it nonetheless. And she’s packing on a few pounds, what with all those sugared almonds, too. Continue reading