You, Wonderful You, Fabulous You

Well, the cat’s out the bag now, isn’t it?

Oh, I know that I’ve been trying to hide it all this time, but now — thank goodness — You know. And I must say, it’s great to finally be able to come out about it. Oh, not that kind of coming out. I’m talking about coming out All About You.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Of course, You do. Because no matter how clumsily I may word things, You understand that what I really mean is: You. You. You.

When I write about my mother, I’m really talking about You.

When I talk about dead babies in jars (Thank you,

Mutter Museum!), You understand. I’m not really talking about that. I’m talking about You.

When I talk about movies, TV, art, politics, farts I’m not really talking about that either, I’m really talking about You.

And because You understand that every comment and post on EOB is about, well, You, it seems almost embarrassing that I have to admit this.

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Give me a Pony or else.

A farmer born in the town of Bulach in the Swiss Lowlands, Billy Meier says his first extraterrestrial contacts occurred in 1942 at the age of five with an elderly extraterrestrial human man named Sfath. Contacts with Sfath lasted until 1953. From 1953 to 1964 Meier’s contacts continued with an extraterrestrial human woman named Asket. After an eleven year break, contacts resumed again (beginning on January 28, 1975) with an extraterrestrial human woman named Semjase the granddaughter of Sfath.

You can read lots of stuff about nutjob, Billy Meier, here, here, and here.


A man named Michael Horn, a martial arts practitioner who designates himself as the “Authorized American Media Representative for The Billy Meier Contacts,” recently sent an email to the science-positive podcast The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe.

“I suggest that I appear on your radio show to both answer the false charges below and have you defend them. I have a rather vast readership and I will be glad to announce the details of the interview to them. Failure to provide me with such an opportunity or to respond to this request will be construed as a withdrawal by you and an apology for these widely circulated false claims and will be publicized as such. The following disinformation, defamatory, and libelous claims are attributed to you.”

He then refers to clips from the Encyclopedia of Skepticism and the Paranormal written about ten years ago summarizing the Billy Meier UFO Hoax.

After some discussion Dr. Novello and company have decided to decline Mr. Horn’s oh-so-generous offer. As one of the regulars on the show, Rebecca Watson of SkepChicks, said, “If he doesn’t give us a pony, that means he’s an idiot.”