A 9-11 Addendum

I had to share this post from biologist blogger PZ Myers of Pharyngula, as it reflects my sentiment precisely.

The appropriate testimonial would be to disband the thugs at TSA.

While we’re at it, impeaching Bush/Cheney and repealing their damage to our civil liberties would also be a good start.

I’m not impressed with moments of silence or candlelight vigils or noble rhetoric about this event. If you want to do something to remember that tragedy, the best thing to do is to simply stop living your life in fear.

Thank you, PZ. Well put.

How Dogs Exploited the Evolutionary Niche Called People


My Golden Retreiver is thirteen years old.

I know that we anthropomophize dogs. I am aware that the money I spend on my dogs would more than double the income of the average family in Chad. It’s an intellectual consideration that is completely overwhelmed by my emotional reaction to the dog. I could no more decide to euthanize the dog and send the money to Chad than I could decide to euthanize Bob.

Dogs trigger the same general reaction in us as family. That’s the biology of the dog/human relationship. And of the cat/human relationship as well.

We tend to think that we domesticated dogs. We saw dogs, we decided we wanted them in our lives and we set about making it so by breeding them for the traits we liked. Actually, evolutionarily speaking, dogs exploited us. We’re their ecological nitch. Continue reading