5 thoughts on “Podible Paradise: Episode Nine

  1. That’s the one that won for the PODCAST, not the text, right?

    (In related commentary, I’m certain Gregory could tell you if the previous nine-nomination losing streak is among the Top Three all-time; I suspect it might be.)

  2. They didn’t say anything about the podcast but it may not have hurt. I’ve a recording of the ceremony and they clearly list the Tachyon Books hardcover as the publication. The fact that the podcast was available for people to listen to, may have helped the voting. The fact that he’s been nominated 9 other times without winnning may also have skewed things but, hell, call it deserved.

  3. Oh, I’ve got no objection to Kelly winning, nor any argument that he’s not long due if not overdue, but the SFWA website specifically mentions that the “podcast version” is what won the Nebula, which seems unfair to the text-based rivals. (See here.)

  4. No. That’s just a link to a version of the novella–not an indication that the podcast version won. Note that the titles themselves all link to places that you can get the novellas, and not all of them are where they were originally pubbed. For instance, Walls of the Universe is pointing to Fictionwise, not Asimov’s.

  5. Ah, that makes much more sense! (I didn’t remember seeing the podcast on Shira’s ballot.)

    So it’s just a layout that confused me (whether it is confusing is left as an exercise).

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