4 thoughts on “Funny and hot!

  1. True, Ursula Martinez did that strip-magic routine (she calls it “Hanky Panky”) at the Make ‘Em Laugh festival in Montreal (among many other venues), but to call her a magician misses her more pertinent, if not necessarily more riveting, career as a performance artist. See her website ( http://www.ursulamartinez.com/texts/home.html ) or her Wikipedia entry ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ursula_Martinez ) — illustrated with a “Hanky Panky” photo.

  2. You are right! She seems a riveting performer–creative and fearless. Thanks for the links. She totally messes with her audiences’ expectations, in all kinds of ways. This is one of the things I appreciated about “Hanky Panky.” I wish I could see her perform live.

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