11 thoughts on “Again!

  1. So, for Valentines day, the girls got to stay home from school. This valentine courtesy of the weather. In Noble Girl’s words: “This is the best Valentines Day EVER!”

  2. My children would kill for a snow day. The best we’re going to get out here is a Quake Day, and I’m not encouraging them to hope for that.

  3. I still get email notices of snow days from Adam’s high school. I forwarded the most recent on to him. He is going to college in upstate New York where they have completely been buried but, of course, he still has class.

    The email silence was deafening.

  4. We don’t get snow days here, for just snow. If the weather is colder than -50, school might be closed, but the really dangerous days are when temp. gets above freezing and then cold again. The busses have trouble then on the ice, especially if it snows on top.

  5. It could be worse, at least we’re not having school called for:

    • Water to Blood
    • Frogs
    • Gnats
    • Flies
    • Diseased Livestock
    • Boils
    • Thunder and Hail
    • Locusts
    • Darkness
    • Death of the Firstborn
  6. Oilpan heater, battery heater, a plugin for both, studded tires, sometimes chains. The bus dirvers here need to be GOOD.

  7. Speaking of Texas school, I remember my 2nd grade classes being suspended mid-day for assassination. Geez, I remember how scared I was running all the way home…

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