3 thoughts on “Kvetchin’

  1. The leftie blogs have been having a chortle-fest the past week, because the White House site apparently modified their carrier pics to cut out the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner. By simply cutting the top of the pic off, then moving it up and leaving a big black bar at the bottom.

    Incompetent in every single thing they do.

  2. Actually, I read a followup post by Atrios that there were black bars across the bottoms of a lot of their videos. ‘Course, that coulda been because they decided to make it look like they did that with *all* their videos… I wouldn’t put anything past them.

  3. Considering the unmitigated(albeit blatently obvious) mendacity that’s come out of the Bush house it’s no wonder. It’s as if Bush looked into Putin’s eyes, saw his soul and some KGB techniques for interrogation and revising history. Easier now to use PhotoShop than the old Russian airbrush methods.

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