“It’s Just a Ride”

bill2.jpgI’m leaving the country, and it’s a production. (I won’t be gone long. But it’s still a production.) Next week at this time, I’ll be reporting to you from Elsewhere.

Leaving the United States, even temporarily, gives me pause to reflect on our nation’s current role and reputation in the larger world out there. And that in turn — along with recent posts from my fellow EatOurBrainiacs that have reminded me of inspirational musicians, authors, and artists — leads me to think of the late Bill Hicks.

I have written briefly about Mr. Hicks elsewhere, and I’ll write about him only briefly here. He was one of those rare artists whose work neither bears nor requires much exegesis. During his thirty-two years of existence (December 1961 to Feburary 1994), he explained himself quite well. So the rest of us should probably just listen.

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