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  1. Still can’t buy Impulse or Exo in kindle in UK? Loved the frist two and would really like to buy these. Any plans on letting those of us on this side of the pond get them?

  2. Hey Seven, I will love to read Reflex, Impulse and Hex in my maternal language, Im from México, so my question is “You have any plans to translate the books into spanish in the future?”

  3. hi steven! Impulse along with the the other 2 are definitely worth buying in hardcover. I bought the the other 2 in paperbacks and recently started hunting them in hardcovers for my collection. Its just an agony that they are not available in barnes and nobles in glendora. I was wondering on the next book exo, if you will dig deeper more with Hyacinth P. and her handlers. Also will there be a chance when Griffin and Davy will bump into each other just like in the movies? your series has so much potential and very refreshing read to be honest

  4. Steven-
    I’ve bought and read many of your books, and now have electronic copies of all available Jumper-type books from you (I wouldn’t count the actual screenplay, if that is available–haven’t looked). I’m now reading Impulse for the THIRD time already. So enjoyable to vicariously snowboard and thumb one’s nose at the conservation of momentum! Just found out that Exo is the next one! Will it be available for Kindle soon?(!)
    P.S. Thank you!

  5. I just read a fanfiction in which the momentum thing powers spacecrafts. I was wondering if you might add in jumping in space in one of your next books. Also, you should create a story of an event with Davy and Millie either between Jumper and Reflex or Reflex and Impulse, like an untold story/adventure

  6. I discovered the Jumper series with Impulse and am going back to read the first two. It is the mark of a great storyteller for a reader not to care that they know where the characters are now because it’s so enjoyable seeing how you got them there. Your style is so inviting in how the narrative flows so naturally and the characters are so real. Your thoughts on the applications of teleportation are fascinating, and you make the physics so understandable. I’ll be exploring your other work as soon as I finish the Jumper books and hope to at least read news of the next Jumper book when I finish all you’ve written to date, even if it’s not coming out soon. All the best with your work and I look forward to seeing Jumper and the announced sequel.

  7. Steven Gould,

    I just read impulse. I would really like it if you create a sequel to impulse to keep davy’s/millie/cents story going. and you should keep joe in it. cent and joe are good together. a good adventure plotline would be if you bring griffin into the story somehow and they all team up to take out the organization hunting them.


  8. Just spent the last 6 hours whipping though Impluse and let me first say : a very good addition to the Jumper series.
    However, too short for the wait! At least when JRR Martin takes this long you can have a great week ahead of you. 😉
    Anyhow I hope we get another sequel much sooner. Now that it has been firmly established that Jumping can be learned (throwing yourself at the ground an missing, Douglas Adams style) I would think the best way out of being the “special” hunted ones would be to get an entire J-Corps training camp going. Joe, you’re obviously next. Maybe the girls can be recruited too!
    Since we’ve done moving matter and harnessing kinetic energy (where the obvious end game is continuous ‘flight’ and launching projectiles) my predictions for the next Jumping ancillary skills are effectively moving around other forms of energy or some sort of telekinesis by “Jumping at a distance”.
    Looking forward to the next outing!

  9. also steve your site is very hard to find places like amazon and other big sellers of books among others even Wikipedia dont have the address just figured id let u know something to look into so more people can learn about your wonderful books

  10. i had a question for you steve are there any other non jumper books coming out soon or are u focused on impulse promoting and its sequel also after the manuscript is turned in in june how long until you will let us know how it went and when its due out:)

  11. Bought the hard copy a couple of days ago to go on the shelf with the rest. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to cart a bunch of books around with me like I used to…and I don’t have a Kindle so…I’ll make a confession.

    I…umm…borrowed a copy that I found online that can be read by ePub software on my computer. I’m so sorry, Steven. Let me know if I owe ya anything, I try really hard to support my favorite authors & I’ve read every one of your books I can get my hands on multiple times.

    Up to Chapter 12 so far…and it’s just as great as the first Jumper book was so far. Catching the flavor of the viewpoints from the different people (adult, young teen) is just right!

  12. Purchasing this now. I’ve been backpacking around England for the last couple months. Am back in the States and am eager to finally dig into this.

  13. I’m working on foreign publication for IMPULSE but it is not just the “authors” who control this. I need a publisher to do that.

  14. I loved the first two, but I can’t buy the e-book in Australia! Why do you authors feel the need to punish us for not living in the USA?

  15. Found out about the jumper books a few days ago started and finished reflex yesterday and the same with impulse today. Please dont take another nine years to write the next book, ill be checking out some of your other novels but the jumper series sucked me in more than any book in a few years.

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