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  1. Would chalk paint work to paint window trim? Ours is wood and I really prefer white. But the thought of removing it all, sanding and painting is a bit overwhelming.Also, is the material on the outside of your island vinyl rather than wood? We have that in our kitchen and I haven’t been sure if paint would work well on it

  2. Just wanted to drop a comment here among the others. I’m a big fan and have read almost all of your books multiple times but Helm is one of the ones I find myself revisiting the most. My wife claims I’m partial to it because Leland says a lot of the same things I say. I think it’s because Helm is a great story driven by an interesting main character without glossing over the consequences of settling on a planet that is barely habitable (yet) for humans.
    Anyway, thank you for this novel as well as all the others you have given us.

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  6. HELM was by far my favorite of your works. It’s been a while since you have said anything about it. I understand that it has been one of your under the radar books, however I hold out hope for a sequel. Especially since the last few pages set it up for one. Any thoughts?

  7. When one of your books comes out, it’s like getting a fantastic present! Thank you for many, many hours of enjoyment and wonder.
    Hope there will be more in all your universes.
    And I quote Helm quite a lot – Nutrition, Literacy, Sanitation.
    Brilliant! (and I used to be a Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutor).
    With grateful thanks,
    Fran Morris Rosman

  8. loved all your books and read them multiple times really hoping you delve back into the Helm universe .

  9. Steve,

    I just finished reading Helm and truly enjoyed the experience. I see the comment above and notice you have not commented back. Are you planning another book in Agatsu?

    I have enjoyed all of your books and look forward to 7th Sigma. Have a great day.


  10. Mr. Gould,

    big fan of Helm – have read it two or three times in the last several years. As a student of Aikido, I was very impressed to read a book by an author who could realistically depict how this martial art could be used in a fight and even more important – to discuss the realities of day to day practice and the culture of this style of martial art. It does make one wish that the technology of helm was real. Though i wouldnt trade an hour of the time I’ve spent on a mat; i wouldnt mind trading some of the struggles learning a couple of difficult techniques. My only question is – where’s the sequel? or prequel? any other books planned in this world?


  11. Emily,

    Minions? I used to have minions. Because of the economy I’ve had to cut back. I mean, literally. And you know how hard it is to dice minions? Tears are the least of your problem.


  12. Hi Mr. Gould,
    I have enjoyed Jumper (a fan before the movie, but the movie was great also), Reflex, Wildside and Griffin’s story very much. I’m reading Helm right now. I’m very interested in the different guardianships and their respective territory. As I’m reading though, I need to reference a map and a family tree of each ruling family (like the de Laal tree in the front of the book.) If such resources exist can you tell me where? If not, can you command one of your minions to pull it all together for me? I’m not confused by the story or anything, but these extra details will definitely improve my trip. I look forward to your reply 🙂
    Thank you,
    Emily Hawkins

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