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  2. I’ll add my own two bits to those above.

    For the love of The Great Flying Spaghetti Monster, please do a sequel to this book!

    Jibbers Crabst will bless and keep you in his buttery busom for always.

  3. I must agree that Wildside is ripe for a sequel. Not so much on Sigma being similar though; never read the full book, just the excerpt on amazon, but it seemed to me to have nothing to do w/ parallel universes. Suppose that could have come in later.

    Still, if you are looking for similar books of high quality (I assume this is not against the rules, posting other authors’ works?) may I suggest;

    Conquistador by S.M. Stirling, concerning an alternate reality which has stalled technologically and in which America was never invaded or conquered by Europeans, and the family/organization which proceeded to do so from ‘our’ universe after its’ patriarch accidentally created a bridge between the two. Fantastic book, though it’s been a while since I read it.

    Merchant Princes by Charles Stross, which is the tale of a woman who discovers her membership in an ancient clan of persons who are capable of inter-universal travel rather suddenly, shortly preceding a heap of trouble thanks to her family’s laissez faire (sp?) approach to utilizing this ability and handling internal conflicts that threaten it. Also some good old fashioned chillingly evil government agencies, though the Family meets them tit for tat. Its a good sized series of books (six I think?) though the quality kinda degraded with the last two, which was a shame as the scope and the… enticement I suppose of the ideas increased at the same time.

    The Walls of the Universe by Paul Melko, and its sequel Broken Universe. About a bored farmboy who is seduced and tricked by the words of his universe-hopping doppleganger, and his attempts to climb out of the situation his double dumps him in. Quite liked these, though I wouldn’t necessarily say they were as well written as the above or wildside, and I preferred the second (though it started off with a little annoying and probably unnecessary retconning that seems to indicate a sequel wasn’t planned) where our intrepid farmboy-cum-physicist seeks to exploit the universe hopping tech and comes into conflict with some folks who want to keep the multiverse to themselves.

    Finally Terry Pratchett’s The Long Earth, which I really enjoyed, about the results of broad dissemination of extremely simple, cheap universe hopping tech (powered by taters), humanity’s spread across a string of seemingly endless uninhabited universes, and in particular the journey of one man who is hired to attempt and map out the extent of these alternate earths.

    All good books, particularly the first and last imo. Wish this was a larger genre. There are a lot more out there, but mostly not so great, at least that I have read.

  4. Thanks Mark. I have read both Seventh Sigma, which was not so much a sequel to Wildside as it was homage to Rudyard Kipling’s “Kim”, and “Tunnel in the Sky”. I thoroughly enjoyed both, but neither is a sequel to Wildside. I just hope Steve will reconsider!

  5. For people wanting the next best thing to a Wildside sequel, Seventh Sigma is in a very similar vein (and you’ll also be wanting to track down a copy of Heinlein’s Tunnel in the Sky).

  6. Let me add my voice to those begging for a sequel, Steve. I just read Wildside for the first time this week, and thought…”oh cool, he wrote it nearly 15 years ago, so surely there will be a sequel out”. Shoot…a complete new world to explore? There are more possibilities than a lifetime of books could wear out!

  7. I’ve recommended several of your works to other readers, Wildside always being the one on top. I wish you hadn’t closed the book up so much in the last chapter, because this work is screaming for a sequel. You have the perfect platform from which to launch readers into adventures on the Wildside plus many other variations of our world (flooded, frozen, overpopulated, female dominated, Hun controlled, further advanced, alien invaded, still in witch hunts, etc.). Please write a sequel.

  8. I’m surprised that the Trout Unlimited typed haven’t been worrying you over the Rainbow vs. Brown Trout error in Wildside. While I dearly love the book, the Brown Trout is a European native transplanted to North America by fishermen in the 1800s. The Rainbow Trout is native to the western areas of North America, and has been spread far beyond it’s original range by fishing enthusiasts and many State Fish & Game Dept. stocking programs. Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment your books have given me.

  9. I will chime in on that one. I just sent a copy to my BIL who snagged Jumper and Reflex from me. He loves the writing. He has good taste even if he did marry my ditzy sister. lol

  10. Completely agree, Wildside is one of my favourite books and a sequel would be great. The ending of the book suggests a sequel even!

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