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  7. Hi Steve,

    I think you should be ashamed of yourself, first you create this amazing story to keep us captivated and after that you dare to have a life of your own and NOT keep producing this amazing books one right after the other???
    Jokes aside, the jumper series is one of my favorites, I just can wait to read Exo, and was really expecting to read it this year, however I just read that it will “hopefully” come out in 2014 … well, I guess this “SFWA President” roll is really taking up “some” of your free time!
    I really like the way you just keep adding facets to the “jumping power”, Reflex added the “two-places-at-a-time” facet, enabling transfer of water, air and temperature … and then in Impulse Cent uses it for “pushing” things, including herself, I just can’t wait to see what Exo bring about!

    Best regards
    Jose Alberto

  8. Steven Gould,

    I just read impulse. I would really like it if you create a sequel to impulse to keep davy’s/millie/cents story going. and you should keep joe in it. cent and joe are good together. a good adventure plotline would be if you bring griffin into the story somehow and they all team up to take out the organization hunting them.


  9. Hey, Scott.

    (It’s Steven, by the way. I get confused with Stephen Jay Gould enough, as it is.)

    Impulse (which is coming out January 15th, 2013) is definitely in the “universe” of the books, not the movie.

    Just as there is stuff in REFLEX that expanded from JUMPER, but was initially set up in JUMPER, there is new stuff in IMPULSE that also follows directly from the circumstances outlined in JUMPER.

    EXO, hopefully out in 2014, will also expand on the ability, but only in ways that logically follow from the original setup.



  10. My question for Stephen is regarding the “mechanics”, if you will, rather than the storyline differences.

    In the books, it appears that the “jump” phenomenon is a fairly instantaneous thing, disappearing as soon as the “jump” is complete.

    In the movie, the mechanics of this phenomenon are changed completely, introducing the concept of wormholes (a natural enough extension of the “window” thing seen during Davy & Millie’s experimentation & videotaping…but then this gets somehow extended to allow for a “persistence” of the phenomenon after the jump is completed. In the movie, they’re referred to as “jump scars”, which allow unconnected people, objects, etc to traverse the hole seconds or even minutes after the jump.

    Are your future books going to continue to use your “version” of jumping, or will there be a tangent that uses the “movie version”? I fervently hope the former.

  11. So I see that Impulse is supposed to be an upcoming book. However I see that this was posted about a long time ago.
    I just now found out about shade, and I will be purchasing it on the kindle (though I’m always the type that prefers to own a copy of the book, I understand that shade is too short of a story to be in book form).

    I’m particularly interested in reading Impulse, so I was curious if there has been any progress on the book as of yet.. Or more specifically if work on it has been started as of yet?

    Sorry I’ve asked a question that’s undoubtedly been asked hundreds of times by now 😛 However I’ve been hooked… Which should be a good thing, no?

  12. 7th SIGMA is not coming out July 5th (which I’ve posted about elsewhere.)

    I need to go change the ebooks, probably, so just lists 7th SIGMA without any pub date.

  13. JadeRaven, the title of the sequel to Reflex is Impulse. If you buy the Amazon Kindle versions of Jumper and Reflex, it says “Impulse (forthcoming)” in the column labeled “The Jumper Series.”
    It looks like this:
    Books by Steven Gould
    The Jumper Series
    Jumper: Griffin’s Story
    Impulse (forthcoming)
    Standalone Novels
    Blind Waves
    7th Sigma (May 2011) [this has since been pushed back to June]
    There is no date for Impulse anywhere yet, but I read somewhere (I can’t remember where) that it focuses on Davy and Millie’s daughter and her powers.

  14. Well let me appologize first. I’m am one of those fans who can’t wait for the next novel to come out. It’s easy to forget that authors have lives instead of being chained to the wordprocessor. That being said I loved your jumper books. I am one of those readers who didn’t know about it untill the movie came out. I must say I did like the books better than the movie but that doesn’t take away from the movie. I’m sure you wouldn’t know if the next movie would have anything to do with the reflex novel. Does your next Jumper book have tenative release? Have you come up with a title?
    Either way take you time I’ll be glad to read it when either the movie or the novel comes out.

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