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I previously said that Impulse (the sequel to Jumper and Reflex) would be published on 8 Jan 2013 but my source, Amazon, has changed it to 15 Jan 2013, a week later.  I also obtained a higher resolution image of the cover, at the bottom of this post.

What I haven’t previously said is that we have just concluded a deal for Exo, the sequel to Impulse, to be delivered in the middle of 2013.

Cover of Impulse by Steven Gould
Release Date 15 Jan 2013

11 thoughts on “More on IMPULSE and…

  1. Is Exo already written? It says on the post that it will come out in the middle of 2013. Does that mean that it will get published then? Did I understand that correctly, or did I just got ecstatic and almost fell on the floor during my happy dance for a misunderstanding?

  2. Andy

    Curious. What more would you like to see from Griffin? I know I’m not Steve but I think his story is done. Whether he keeps on his path killing all Paladins (thus David’s Mom – could we kill kstew too, just for laughs) or goes back to the girl what more do we need to know about him specifically? *IF* there was another movie I don’t know why we would see Griffin at all.

    I mean I could be wrong. Maybe someone else sees something I don’t. I’m open for suggestions.

  3. Steve,
    Do the rights revert to you or to the publisher?
    If its the publisher who knows what would happen.
    Also, I agree wholeheartedly. I feel only the right team and a Director with the right vision could pull it off; because its hard to bring it together on screen with the interests of big-brother movie studio’s return-profit mentality. They need something marketable.
    please get back to me, ill be checking

  4. Russell,

    Currently, the movie rights (including sequels) are held by New Regency. I forget the exact amount of time, but if they don’t exercise those after several years, they revert. Personally, I would rather see a mini-series or a even a TV series that did things more along the lines of the novel(s).

    If you have access to them, I recommend the deleted scenes on the DVD. They are almost entirely character development and do a better job of filling out the =movie= version.

  5. Hi Steve,

    without stepping on anyone’s toes, if the rest of the series gets as culturally popular as the original Jumper, do you have the ‘right’ to reclaim the character(s) excise the paladins and put the original story to a movie? While I do like how Hayden portrayed the character on film acting wise, the character of the character just wasn’t there.

  6. Hooray! I can’t wait for these. I love this series so much.

    Will there be a way to buy signed copies of the physical book? I’d love to get one of those for my collection.

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