What I Do (Using Only the Most Common 1,000 English Words.)

Randall Munroe, author of the wonderful xkcd Comic Strip as well as the brilliant book What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, has a new book out called: Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words which uses the most common 1,000 English words to explain scientific concepts.

Some of the many  words that are not in the most common Ten Hundred English words: fiction, science fiction, writer, author, reader, fantasy, editor, publisher, royalties, agent, novel, fable, tale, television.  

I used the Up-Goer Five Text Editor which identifies words not in the common pool to produce the following.

I write imagined stories and books about people who are like us and people who are not like us, who live in our times and in times yet to come, who are in places we already live and visit, but also in places and worlds we have yet to visit.

One of my books was made into a movie which is sometimes shown on TV. People pay me money to write, for which I have big thanks, but the biggest reason I write these stories is because I want to read them myself. I like the books best that make me feel I am in the story, that take me to new places, real and imagined, and meet new and different people, and make me think about new ideas. Reading lots of books lets me know as many places, things, and people as if I had the time necessary to live many different lives.

2 thoughts on “What I Do (Using Only the Most Common 1,000 English Words.)

  1. ” and only wished Jumper, Reflex, Wildside and Helm were also offered. ”

    As you have a Nook, you can get all of those in the Nook store.

    My father suffers from macular degeneration. I sympathize. (All of my books are also on Audible if that helps.)

  2. Mr. Gould…This is just a bit of fan mail. Over the years you have become one of my favorite authors. I have probably read Jumper 25 times and Reflex at least as many. I am getting close to that with Wildside and 7 Sigma (loved your take on Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Kim’–and actually read Kim because of your novel–both excellent). Today I discovered ‘Feedbooks’ and your Impulse and Exo books. I immediately ponied up and purchased everything you offered and only wished Jumper, Reflex, Wildside and Helm were also offered. My Nook has become my go to library and as I get older (right up there with you) and my macular degeneration gets worse, I see e-books as being my sole source. I am also thrilled to see Avatar being placed in your capable hands…cannot wait!

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