Contest Update

I did draw two winners for the EXO Advance Reading Copy and notified them by email.

One of them is Fred Bolden of Solon, Ohio and I’ll be shipping it off to him momentarily.

The other winner has not responded to my email or its follow-up and if they don’t respond by midnight tonight, I will be drawing a new name from the previous entries. So, if you thought you entered, you might double-check your spam filters for an email from!


Still no response so I have drawn and notified a new winner. They have until noon tomorrow to respond with a shipping address.


Sorry I took so long to post it here, but the follow-up winner, Andrew “Dru” O’Higgins of Vancouver BC, responded promptly and has already received his advance reading copy.

The contest is definitely over but I will probably do a drawing for a hardcover in the first week of September. Don’t bother responding now, it won’t put you in the contest pool.

4 thoughts on “Contest Update

  1. Please put me in the drawing if the second winner hasn’t responded. I’ve enjoyed the other Jumper books and know Exo will be just as good!

  2. Just finished it today! Great read. Total escapist fantasy. Really enjoyable. I read it in little chunks to savor it. I sure hope there is a sequel. Super fun!

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