EXO Advance Reading Copy Give Away

Contests Ended midnight Sunday (8/3)

Give Away.

  • North America only. (Postage, sorry.)
  • Ends Midnight Mountain Time Sunday 3 August 2014. (7 days.)
  • Enter by commenting below (don’t forget to fill out the contact email in the form.) If you retweeted the announcement (un modified) on twitter, you are already entered.
  • 1 copy for now. If more than 50 people enter, I’ll add another copy and draw for two winners.
Abby thinks you’ll really like this book! (Or, is that popcorn you’re eating? I like popcorn!)

70 thoughts on “EXO Advance Reading Copy Give Away

  1. Hey Mr Gould, It’s me.. that annoying kid from twitter who won’t stop tweeting to you about Jumper..
    I have read all the Jumper Books except exo :/ I have the game on Ps2 and I have the movie on Dvd xD im obsessed with Jumper .. I don’t just want this book I neeed it ..
    This book will make me happy in so many ways .. You can throw a Jumper trivia and i’d answer them all almost instantly !

  2. Drat, I think I’m an hour too late…it’s only 9 here in Hawaii. Even if I’m too late to enter, looking forward to the book!

  3. Thanks for the offer. If my name is selected, you wouldn’t mind letting us know what your favorite charity is for a donation?

  4. Do I really want to win the ARC and deprive you of your royalties? Well, if I can read it a month sooner I guess it’s worth it.

  5. One of my all time favorite book series. I preordered the minute I saw the announcement. Just a wonderful book series. Top five of all time for me.

  6. I’m a HUGE fan, and can’t wait for this! Jumper is one of those books that I buy extras of and give away to friends that haven’t read it yet; always with a wicked laugh and saying, “The first one is always free.”

    I’m hoping the Rice family can find more people to trust, and looking forward to a good read!

  7. Already ordered the Kindle edition. Thanks for Davy and his family. Will Cent remain an only child?

  8. Love the Jumper series! Can’t wait to get my hands on EXO. Please continue writing more Jumpers ASAP.

  9. See you at Bubonicon in an hour or so where I always sit in the front row and scribble Gregg shorthand notes onto a clipboard.

  10. I’d LOVE to get a copy! Thanks a lot for doing this giveaway! My friend Johnny Hawkins (comment above) encouraged me to check out your books last year and I ended up buying all of them. I really enjoyed them and can’t wait to read EXO!

  11. I’m really looking forward to this book coming out. Seems I spend a lot of time waiting for the next book from a number of my favorite authors. A not too bad problem to have.

  12. I am 100% hooked on this series like most of the rest of the people here but I’m happy to wait as well. Either way, I’m definitely going to read it and talk about it to everyone that will listen!

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