As of 1 July 2013

If you follow writing in general and SF and Fantasy in particular, you may have already heard that I have been elected the 27th president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.  I take office the first of July as John Scalzi steps down from the office after three years at the job. Previous presidents:

Most of these people are heroes of mine. Eight of them are Damon  Knight Memorial Grandmasters (including Damon, though it was just called the Grandmaster when he received it.) Inevitably, seven of the past-presidents are dead–the first, Alan E. Nourse in 1992, the most recent, andrew j. offut, just nine days ago. Several of them are really good friends. I first served as Regional Director for SFWA when Jane Yolen was president and if I can be half as gracious and effective as she was, I will consider my time in office to be successful.

As you may have noticed, I don’t post here very often, though I will be trying to improve that. Most of my effort, right now, is devoted to finishing my book Exo before I take office. I have been told that serving as president will seriously slow my writing output. I am going to do my best to make that a lie. I’ve written more in the last three months than in the year before it, so we’ll see.

Wish me luck.

Various posts on the news of my election:

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5 thoughts on “As of 1 July 2013

  1. Been a sci-fi/fantasy fan for over 30 years and a fan of your work since I stumbled onto Jumper in the local library in ’93. Congratulations on being elected the 27th president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.
    Thank you for your work.

  2. Well done Steven. COngratulations and looking forward to seeing your new novel.


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