But that day is not today

I’m sure you guys are really tired of me talking about Impulse but it’s the nature of having a book out. The few months around the release tend to be about that. There will come a day when I really try to blog here about things that aren’t all promotion-y.


I got a starred review from School Library Journal. Good reviews are nice but STARRED review are one of those Sally Field moments where you say “You like me, you really like me.”  So, forgive me for this additional Impulse post.

STARRED GOULD, Steven. Impulse. Bk. 3. 368p. (Jumper Series). Tor. 2013. Tr $25.99. ISBN 987-0-7653-2757-4; ebook $12.99. ISBN 978-1-4299-8754-7.

Gr 8 Up—This addition to the series is the first one marketed to young adults. It stands strongly on its own, but will encourage teens to pick up Jumper (1992) and Reflex (2004, both Tor) as well as seek out the 2008 film, Jumper, based on the first book. Sixteen-year-old Cent has spent her life in isolation, hiding from the people who are looking to kidnap and control her father and his ability to jump from place to place via teleportation. Although she has been able to travel the world by “jumping” with her parents, her entire existence is a secret, and she has never been able to go to school or have friends. This all changes when she is caught in an avalanche and suddenly ends up back in her own bedroom. Cent is a jumper, too. No longer able to protect her, her parents allow her to assume a false name, set down roots, and attend school, where she makes friends and finds her first love. But what happens when her identity is discovered and her family is suddenly in grave danger? A great science-fiction story that holds up to classic adult/YA crossovers, this is a must-read for any fans of the genre. With a strong female protagonist, interesting secondary characters, a bit of romance, some humor, and loads of action and adventure, Impulse will keep readers engaged from start to finish. –Sharon McKellar, Oakland Public Library, CA.