Jump-ter? Twimper? Davy Rice Tweets JUMPER

Dad came home drunk, furious I was reading and hadn’t mowed the lawn. Woke up in the library. Not going back.

Hitchhiking. Broke. Hungry. Truck driver offered me a meal and a ride. Seems nice. His name is Topper.

Truck driver was NOT nice. Rendezvoused with friends. Assault with sexual intent. Found myself in the library back home. Impossible.

The Library is locked up, doors chained. The pants they tried to get off were still ripped open. That’s three hundred miles away.

Tried the doors again, pounded hard on them, and fell forward. Christ, I’m back in my bedroom, a half-mile away. Can hear dad snoring.

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My next tweet will concern the events on page 70 of the book.


2 thoughts on “Jump-ter? Twimper? Davy Rice Tweets JUMPER

  1. Steve, don’t take this wrong, but… I really hope the lack of posts these days is because you’re hard at work writing, and not because the abomination called Twitter has stolen you from us poor blog-followers!

    (I avoid Twitter mostly because I’m a teacher; it’s kind of pointless to have something like that when you can’t access it most of your day.)

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