Guitar Hero, digital music maven, and writer Rory Harper (author of Petrogypsies and numerous short stories) said, “Yeah, I guess I can come up with at least one post a week if you won’t publish the pictures.”Rory is Family (the kind you get to choose) and I couldn’t be more delighted he’s joining us.(Help me clean up before he gets here.)

(picture from Bradley Denton’s site: at a Two-Headed Baby gig.)

So, Rory and I were each published for the first time in 1980 (him in March in Asimov’s and me in September in Analog). But we met each other at a convention in Houston after each of us had sold but before the works themselves had come out. We were at the same stage in our career–first sale, not in print, not eligible for active membership in SFWA yet. Larval writers.

So, he’s beat me into print by five months but I got my revenge in 1985. A story I’d pubbed in ’84 called “Rory” (about a savant with Down’s Syndrome) was shortlisted for the Hugo. People kept coming up to him and saying, “Hey, I hear your name’s on the Hugo Ballot.”

In return he said to me, “Ah, well, you peaked early.”

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Rory with Guitar by Keith Stokes. Rory with a younger Rachael by Steve Gould.