So, I’ve known Morgan J. Locke for almost twenty years, ever since we met in a party suite at a Phoenix NASFIC. And for that length of time, I’ve also been pushing Morgan to write more. A work-a-holic engineer, Morgan was always too busy, too swamped by the demands of the job, to do something with the fire-hose of ideas I’d get in conversations and emails, but recent changes in Morgan’s employment situation have finally changed that. Tor will be publishing a kick-ass novel sometime in the next two years (I’m indefinite because Tor bought it before it was finished).I say kick-ass because I have read it and I’ve been chomping at the bit for the end ever since the point where I turned over the last page and said, “What? Where’s the rest, dammit?”Asteroids, Nanotech, Artificial Intelligence, and the Martian Mafia. Dammit.Welcome, Morgan.

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