The Real Threat

Previously on Veronica Mars Eat Our Brains I talked about Elected Bigot Sally Kern and her perception that the greatest threat facing our country is the Homosexual Agenda. God, I love saying that. Ho-Mo-Sex-You-Ellllllllll Agenda. Makes me think of the spiral schedulers my kids have me sign every week or so except when they forget which is USUALLY. Or maybe something in a nice moleskin. Wait a minute–does that sound dirty?

But Sally Kern is wrong. I have seen the true threat to our precious bodily fluids National Integrity and it is:

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Snow Day

It’s not very much snow at all but it came with wind that blew the relatively heavy metal chairs off my deck and iced up the streets. Anyway, they canceled school.

Twilight Ninja and Noble Girl are delighted.

Laura, whose office in the house doesn’t have a door, is less so.

Steve, whose office is a separate establishment far across the snowy plains of the backyard, is just fine.

Special Futures

When Twilight Ninja Girl was but a ninjalet, she would insist on watching all the “special futures” on the DVD’s. I thought, hey! what a great idea for an SF writer. But, no, she was talking about the supplementary material usually included in todays multimedia DVD movies. The deleted scenes, the bloopers, and the “making of” documentaries. Look at this picture:

Craig Byrd and Crew

The guy in the maroon sweater is Craig Byrd, a producer with Mob Scene Productions. He makes programs. He makes the sort of programs that make up the “Special Futures.” Like, the The Making of ‘Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World or The Night Club of Your Dreams: The Making of ‘Moulin Rouge!’ or (and this really impressed me) Celebrating the Man in Black: The Making of ‘Walk the Line’.

And now he’s making a documentary on the making of Jumper. This picture, by the way, is my living room. He flew in from LA, met a local crew, and interviewed me last Tuesday.

We talked for about an hour–maybe we’ll get about five or ten minutes of it in the finished program?

By the way, he’s been on most of the locations during the filming and he says Jamie Bell is incredible in the film and what’s more, keeps his energy up by drinking twelve Dr. Pepper’s a day.


We went to see The Golden Compass, a movie which has been discussed already, and this is the first time I’ve seen the posters in person. (Don’t know if there was a trailer playing at this particular cinemaplexoid but there certainly wasn’t one in front of TGC.)

To be fair, no one really gets much easily seen credit in the large scale Jumper cinema display. It’s very big and hard to miss, but even the director, Doug Liman, just has two of his more commercially successful films listed prominently but not his name. Not even Samuel L. Jackson’s name appears.

Down at the bottom of the poster artifact, though, we did find the credits. There printed in dark gray type on a black background and, son-of-a-gun, there, along with Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson and Doug Liman and Jamie Bell and Simon Kinberg were the words based on the novel by Steven Gould.

I held my cell phone as a poor-man’s light while Laura took a snap with hers. The people in the theater, both employees and other theater goers, looked at us very strangely, but here it is:

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Caption Monday: Up to here?

Yes, I know it’s actually Wednesday.
And Barb is going….

The photo above (which Caroline took) is of Maureen and myself at Ritual Breakfast trying to explain the photo below (which I took at the EOB Board Meeting.)

And Barb was going…

It doesn’t help that when I took this picture with a zoom lens, I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

With all of our hands in the air, I’m just glad we all use deodorant.

1870: And the Largest Building in the United States is …

… a thousand years old.

Pueblo Bonita was built and occupied between 870 and 1130 AD. It is a large D-shaped structure covering 8,000 square meters. There were approximately 700 rooms and until the 1870’s, it was the largest single structure in the United States.

In disguise, we check out the perimeter.

This last Wednesday, we mounted an expedition. It was a beautiful New Mexico spring day. Which means it was windy, the sun showed brilliantly, and it snowed. We nearly froze our asses off.
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Low Coefficient of Friction

Rory asked me if I saw any stars this last weekend (as I’d travelled away from home and we all know how glamorous my life is.)

I did.

I saw stars.

Laura is doing a writing retreat this week. She got a great deal on a condo in Ruidoso, New Mexico, close to the southernmost ski area in the United States, Ski Apache, on the Mescalero Apache Reservation. She’s gone all week but the rest of us, including Noble Girl and Twilight Ninja, went down for the weekend and skied.

Note the backpack.  Evil backpack?  Good backpack?  Stupid Steve?

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