4 thoughts on “Balloon Bass and the BOX.

  1. Okay, as a bassist/drum programmer? I am totally jealous of the note-bending on the inflatabass, I’m impressed by their sound — really, this is great stuff.

    Plus, it’s ridiculous. Total bonus.

  2. I will not use the language that I’m using to myself. But this has gotten under my skin. What kind of pickup could you use for an inflatabass? Would a piezo pickup work?

    And that note-bending technique he uses with his left thumb.

    I mean, that stuff doesn’t seem processed at all. What if you ran it through an exciter and…

    I mean, that looks like fun to play. Maybe you could run it through a pitch corrector and then it would work with other instruments.

    Oh, man. This is irking me.

  3. Hoo, man. I showed that to my 12-year-old daughter, who plays stand-up bass, and she was all over it. I want one!

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