Earthquake in the Living Room.

Eldest Daughter, AKA Noble Girl, is doing experiments for her Independent Science Project. We built an earthquake table and she is busy destroying civilization (for values of civilization made out of magnetically coupled straws and cardboard.)

She’s using my iPad and an acceleration app called iSeismometer to measure the frequency at which her buildings collapse, then emailing the data to her own account, right from the table.

What have you destroyed today?

4 thoughts on “Earthquake in the Living Room.

  1. As if I needed evidence that you and the better half were doing a fine job with your offspring…

    Honestly, this is really cool. I am so jealous — should have gone into some practical field when I had the chance.

  2. This was the pre-experiment to the actual testing, which was adding a damper to the structure, but it ended up increasing oscillation instead of decreasing it, and making my buildings fall down quicker. Oh well, it was fun and awesome and I got good graphs out of it anyway.

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