"Tourists" by Sean Craven

So, Sean Craven, long time commentor here at Eat Our Brains, sold his first fiction to Tor.Com a while back. I was delighted because I saw the story as his submission to the Viable Paradise Writer’s Workshop where I got to meet him in the flesh. Click the pic to check out the excellent revised version.

6 thoughts on “Tourists

  1. Hey, Steve — thank you very kindly for the plug.

    I’d never have sent this out to a pro market because an earlier, much rougher version had been printed in a small press literary magazine, Monday Night.

    I may have mentioned this to you, but your post here at EOB was the reason I applied to Viable Paradise. So in an odd, roundabout way you’re responsible for this story’s professional publication.

    Heh. Maybe this should be the way you push Viable Paradise — it’s the writer’s workshop that pays for itself.

  2. You know what’s funny? I pretty much figured this was swamp gas until I got the check. One of my VP buddies flat-out told me that everyone knew this was going to happen before I did.

    Oh, and Morgan? Thanks. You were a real source of stability for me at VP.

  3. Congratulations, Sean! Now you’re rich!! Just like all the rest of us professionally-published writers.

    I really liked the story — Very nicely dark and fucked-up.

    I predict that you have a wonderful career ahead of you, if this is a sample. For God’s sake, this story even has a zombie in it. …Sort of…

  4. Thanks, Rory!

    Heh. I’m revising a film script now, with an eye toward using it as the basis of the next novel. I was stuck at the ending, and decided to sleep on it.

    I woke up at two in the morning. “Aha! Given everything I’ve got in place there’s only one natural outcome — radio-controlled zombies operated by alien dinosaurs.”

    I wish all stories could end like that.

  5. Oh, and I may not be rich, but I was able to get an eye examination and three new pairs of glasses — bifocals, reading glasses, and computer glasses.

    Now I can see because I told lies about my grandmother’s death. What could be better?

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