I Suspect Rory Harper Is A Vampire

We traveled for the holidays visiting mostly family and some friends in Texas. Among these were supposed to be Rory but he wasn’t answering his phone or texts or emails. Then he did.

“I’m completely turned around,” he said. “I’ve flip-flopped my day-night cycle, staying up all night and sleeping all day. That’s why it took so long to respond.”

A likely story. I suspect he was too busy draining some luscious co-ed in the back alleys to check his phone. I mean, here you are sneaking up on someone and your phone goes off. It must make it difficult to hook up, so to speak.

Now, I can’t personally confirm this since business and weather stuff conspired to scoot us out of the state before planned, but just look at that picture and draw your own conclusions.

I guess we’ll know in February. Blind Lemon Denton and the Lemonaids will be playing AggieCon and Rory plays guitar for them. If he shows up during the daylight hours, I guess I’ll have been mistaken.

Or is that Sunscreen SPF 15 X 10^3?

One thought on “I Suspect Rory Harper Is A Vampire

  1. I’m absolutely shocked that something like this would even cross your mind, Steve. The fact that I glitter in daylight is an innocent side-effect of my allergies.

    …That part about draining the luscious coed does sound like fun, though…

    And that’s Bland Lemon Denton, you know. It’s crucial to get them blues names right. I may or may not make the gig, but Bulky Jones certainly will. At night. Since nobody plays the blues during the (ick!) daytime.

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