SNL – Bush Endorses McCain

I haven’t actually watched SNL since the Belushi-Ackroyd glory days. But, as we know, they’ve been experiencing a resurgence with their take on the upcoming election.



This sketch is further evidence that something is badly broken inside my head.

I’ve watched Sarah Palin speak and she gives me the creeps. She’s such a blatantly obvious sociopath that I have the same instinctive, uncontrollable reaction to her that I’ve always had to GWB. I’m absolutely nonplussed that some people think that she’s a VPILF.

But I also instinctively react in exactly the oppposite way to Tina Fey. Dude, she is one hot, juicy babe.

And I can’t tell them apart visually.


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  1. I watched some clips from the show at my wife’s insistence. She thought they slammed Palin (What’s the difference between a pit bull and a soccer mom? The pit bull finished her degree.) and I thought they wound up blowing it due to the need to show her some kind of rudimentary courtesy — there was a bit where Alec Baldwin talks about what a horrible person he thinks Palin is — thinking she was actually Tina Fey.

    But he never gave any cogent reason for his positions — and they finished the bit with Baldwin making nice and then walking off arm-in-arm with Palin. I was pretty disgusted.

  2. Uh, no, that segment ends with Palin replacing Fey on the podium. And if you look at the stills, you can tell the one who knows what she’s doing, and the one who has been following her husband’s orders since at least when he got her pregnant a month before marriage.

  3. Ooof. You’re dead right — I was thinking of the scene. Which was smack in the middle of the segment.

    Y’know, on a far more superficial level the difference in perceived attractiveness between Fey and Palin is pretty interesting. I’ve had any number of times when a woman’s appearance made her seem attractive to me until she opened her mouth and vice versa — if a woman is smart and funny I start seeing her as inherently attractive and then her physical characteristics become more appealing.

    I recently had an experience that brought this home in a startling fashion.

    I’ve got very bad eyes. Not that I need a dog or anything but I was once told by an optometrist that the next time I needed a new prescription for my glasses I’d probably be considered legally blind. (Didn’t work out that way, knock wood.)

    So as it turns out any clarity in my vision is the result of onboard analog computer enhancement, if you get my drift.

    Now you know how it is when you see someone cute (or appalling or otherwise eye-catching) in the grocery store. You don’t follow them around — but you notice when you run across them. You kinda keep an eye out.

    Well, there was a young woman at Berkeley Bowl a while ago that I noticed in that fashion. She was a pleasant sight — until she got into the middle of an aisle, turned her cart sideways to block it (Berkeley Bowl is a crowded store — there’s no way to do this without inconveniencing people), and started talking on her cell phone. And the way she spoke? With the little rise at the end of a sentence? So every statement had a question mark at the end? Which, to be delicate, is not a mode of verbal behavior I associate with intelligence?

    What I saw at that point was genuinely remarkable — it was like a morphing effect in a movie. With a visual ripple her features became cruder, her figure less defined, the charm I had previously noted disappeared literally before my eyes.

    Nothing like these little reminders that all our sensory perceptions are induced hallucinations.

  4. Now you know how Republicans feel about Hillary. Don’t even bother with how different they are in your eyes that doesn’t matter. I am curious though if Rice hadn’t been cursed with being promoted by the worst rated President in history would she still have been just another stupid woman to you because of her party ties?

    btw, my wife says she wouldn’t trust any menopausal woman with the nuclear launch codes.

    Rice in 2012

  5. Condi has got that whole lesbian dominatrix thing happening, which I personally think is hot.

    But you’re right — the way she’s sucked up to Bush has kinda ruined it for me. Kinda as if she was at a Halloween party pretending to be a hot lesbian dominatrix, rather than in real life actually being one who tamps it down until the weekend.

    All the above said, she doesn’t cause, for me, the instinctive backing away triggered by Bush, Palin, Cheney, and, to a lesser extent, Hillary Clinton.

    Incidentally, my reaction to Cheney is a little different than to the others. He doesn’t have the shiny sociopath glow. He just looks like he might try to kill you, or have his bodyguards do so, if he’s feeling grumpy at the moment, maybe about things that have nothing at all to do with you personally.

  6. Hmmm — I suppose I should add that Hillary and Condi and Cheney also don’t radiate teh stupid like Bush and Palin do, and that’s a consideration. They’re all much more calculating.

    Which isn’t, by itself, a negative. Obama is one of the most calculating, controlled individuals I’ve ever witnessed. I have no idea how he’s going to actually work out as a president, I”m just hoping that his support base keeps him calculating the things that I want him to calculate.

  7. I think politicians need that level of control and calculation to succeed in modern politics. The levels of social complexity are extremely high. The question to ask is, beneath the calculation, do they appear to seek with reasonable consistency to hew to a set of principles? And, do I agree with those principles?

    I started out distrustful of Clinton, but during and after the primaries I came to regard her pretty highly.

  8. Agreed, Morgan. The weird thing about Clinton, in my head, at least, is the possibility that this past year may have the potential to have been a ‘trial by fire’ for her that could make her come out a better, stronger person.

    The thing I found most off-putting about her was that I always suspected that she has some deep core values that I agree with, but repeatedly sacrificed them on the alter of triangulation.

    Her vote on the AUMF, of course being the most obvious. Obama did the same thing with his vote on FISA, and I hope that comes back to haunt him.

    If she can learn to simply Do the Right Thing and deal with the consequences, she may have the seeds of greatness in her.

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