4 thoughts on “Super-Flex!

  1. That was…. agonizing… to watch. I kept thinking that surely they would break in half and just end up flopping around screaming…..

    They both have a future at Cirque Ingenieux if they want it. I’d much rather watch them intertwining serpentine than the two muscular guys who did that when I saw Cirque at A&M.

    Ooops, letting the hot lesbian subtext in again, I think….

  2. I am now keeping track of how long it takes for Rory to think of hot lesbian action on a post. Actually, I’m guessing I could expand this to well, anything, and make a tidy sum on side bets.

  3. I am wondering if either of those young women are going to have back problems when they’re my age. Oww. Also bunions. That’s a hard way to make a living, no matter how cool the costumes are. (YG, looking over my shoulder, was concerned that the girls were giving themselves huge wedgies.)

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