Befuddled, Amused, Nauseated

IGN reported yesterday that Paramount was eyeing Matt Damon, Adrien Brody and Gary Sinise for the key roles of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy, respectively. With a director and start date now set, we’ll soon know for certain who will play the Big Three.

Abrams to Direct Star Trek Movie

I’m guessing that next we’re going to see Ian McKellen as Mr. Howell in the remake of Gilligan’s Island.

10 thoughts on “Befuddled, Amused, Nauseated

  1. I really like Matt Damon and Gary Sinise–haven’t really seen Brody in his academy award winning stuff but have nothing against him.

    But this is so much another case of Hollywood playing it safe going for a pre-established audience.

    There’s been a =lot= of good SF published in the last hundred years that hasn’t been adapted yet.

    Grumph, grumph, pound cane, look for nitro glycerine pills. Grumph!

  2. And an ear-trumpet, while you’re at it.

    I like Brody as well as Sinese and Damon. It’s not the casting. It’s just–why remake Trek when, as you say, there’s buckets of stuff out there that would make fascinating film.

  3. It’s not remake: It’s Young Kirk Spock (Academy years).

    I dissent on the “pre-established audience” meme–between the last movie and the Scott Bakula series even the ST audience will need to be convinced.

    Gary Sinise as McCoy is inspiring; who will play his daughter, though? (And, given he’s much older, why would he be there? Kirk getting a shiv in the heart?)


    I want to play Uhura. My qualifications are my large breasts and obedient attitude.

    AND, since I believe Kirk was secretly doing Uhura, doesn’t this mean that I will secretly be doing Damon?

    I love it when surprise opportunities open up in life.

  5. Sorry about that, Erin. Akismet (the spam catcher) saw “large breasts” as a link and went, well, you know, SPAM!

    In the spam list it was among comments advertising drugs to make other parts of the body large so I guess it got confused.

    And, I just might add, DAMN!

  6. My good Mr. Gould, you “Eat Our Brains” people act awfully uppity sometimes, but I know better.

    You will excuse me, I’m off to continue my review of the DVD “Liquid Love: the G-Spot Explosion.”

    Carry on.

  7. RE: Erin’s post — Long ago, when we were younger and less dignified, and were searching for a name, Caroline suggested we call the band ‘Big Titties’.

    Figured that it would certainly be an attention-getter on the marquee.

    I sometimes regret that we didn’t go for it.

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