When the Blues Comes to Town

I’ve been thinkin’ things over since last night and decided that this post might be considered NSFW, so I’m putting it below the cut. Grown-up language there. There’s a free song for you to download, if that’s any encouragement. papa.jpg

Bulky Jones here. GreyLion (some of you know him as Rory) couldn’t make it tonight.

He flew in, cut a few lead tracks in my studio, then split. He said he was gonna spend the week in Promises with Britney. Whatever the hell that means. He was stoned out of his fuckin’ mind on Vicodin. He showed me pictures of this Britney chick. That’s some trailer-trash pussy there.

They’s something wrong with that boy. I wouldn’t do that trim with somebody else’s dick.

What the hell is it with rockers and chick singers, anyhow?


Before GreyLion bombed out, we got a few basic tracks laid down. These’ll just be demos for my next album. Might or might not make the final cut. GreyLion thinks this is his big shot for a comeback, but we all know how that goes.

A bluesman — like Bulky Jones, for instance — is gonna play out till we fall over sideways, some night in some smoky little club at the ass end of nowhere. And be happy to do it, ’cause that’s the blues.

Ninety percent of the rockers like GreyLion, they get a couple of good years, at best, then it’s all just nostalgia, expensive drugs, and bad pussy.

This song ain’t hardly been mixed, just one pass-through on most tracks. And it sure as hell ain’t been mastered for maximum volume. I’m trying to get away from that loud shit anyway. Kills all the dynamics in the song. If it ain’t loud enough for you, turn the goddam volume knob to the right.

I beat out a drum track on the padKontrol. Probably get Blind Lemon Denton in for some real drums. If I can afford him. Expensive bastard. Faked the bass track with an octave-down plug-in. I’ll try to get Snarky Spector in for bass when we start cutting the masters. Vicious bass-player, in both senses of the word.

And if GreyLion don’t straighten his shit up, well —

We all know that rock guitarists are a dime a dozen.

(Pic credit to Rachael Harper, who is Awesome.)

6 thoughts on “When the Blues Comes to Town

  1. Bulky Jones and Maureen are indeed both special. I have fond memories of those rides on the short bus. And I’m proud that we both learned how to read and write.

    I also don’t know what you mean by this Diss thing. But I’m sure it’s all just fine and dandy.

    GreyLion thinks so, too.

  2. Thanks, Steve. I really had to struggle with the lead. Did about a dozen takes. Bulky kept saying that I was playing too many notes, and wiping my track.

    Also, I was NOT stoned on Vicodin. I haven’t had any at all since Friday, pulled back pretty hard during the day earlier in the week, only taking one to sleep at night.

    Cranky old fart.

    But he does know the blues. And it is his album, so what you gonna do?

  3. Bulky Jones allows you the free download, because you are GreyLion’s friend.

    However, if you start selling the song, Bulky Jones wants his cut.

    Bulky Jones has a good lawyer.

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