Keef and Willie do ‘Dead Flowers’

williekeef.jpgAnd now, we bring you the latest installment in our on-going ‘Cultural Awareness’ series, where we present stuff that you really need to know about if you’re going to be One of Us.

Keef and Willie generously allowed Hank Williams III and Ryan Adams to sit in on this one, but you can ignore that part. It won’t be on the test.

As you may know, Two-Headed Baby also does this song.

We play it just as well as these guys do.

In my dreams.


Props to BooMan at BoomanTribune for surfacing this one.

3 thoughts on “Keef and Willie do ‘Dead Flowers’

  1. Hank III does look like a sweet guy, and his grandpa was a ghod. I actually enjoyed his and Ryan’s singing and playing.

    But, let’s face it, he and and Ryan have got another 30 years of hard roads before they can bring it like Willie and Keef do.

  2. Hadn’t seen this one, Rory. Thanks, Bubba.

    “Dead Flowers” is one of those great Stones tunes that’s terrific under either a group attack or a solo massage.

    For the latter, I’ll recommend the Townes Van Zandt version that can be heard at the end of The Big Lebowski.

    And damn, don’t Hank look like his grandaddy?

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